Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We just finished a several day long process of helping my parents move out of their old home.  Their things will be stored on a van for a couple of days and then moved into their new place.  There is a part of me that always loves sorting through other peoples’ things.  It is very satisfying to organize, feel helpful, and satisfy my own inner archaeologist at the same time. 
            It makes me realize how many things that I have around the house and studio that are just asking to be reinvented into jewelry.  I hate to throw away anything that seems like it might be useful one day, but I also am aware that we have gathered quite a collection of “potentially useful things.”  Besides all of the rocks, sticks, feathers, etc. that I am planning on making into art, the kitchen junk drawer seems like it has a lot of potential. We have another three back to back art shows to get through before taking on any new projects, but I am looking forward to taking some time to be my own archeologist.  

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